The past couple nights have seen 8 hours each. Usually each night it was split 4 hrs + 4 hrs, or, 5 hrs + 3 hrs, but in total, 8 hours each night! nnUsually it is 5-6 hrs, and then a small nap somewhere during the day. I’d rather get *all* my sleep in at one time, though. nnReally changes my mood, thoughts, perspective sleeping for 8 hours throughout the night. It just gives me more energy, more optimism – everything improves!nnThis, is why I NEED to buy a new mattress, because I want to get good sleep like this EVERY night! I think there is a mattress by a co called “Element”(?) or something like that.nnThe above is both true and false: there is the Casper Element (a very good mattress from what I hear, and it runs for $400, and I want it), and there is a mattress co *called* Element, and it is woven with copper particles or some shit, looks uncomfy, probably costs a fortune.nnSo, I want to try to make a Casper Element mattress happen sometime early next year. Chances are, a mattress topper will happen between now and then, but a Casper in due time? Absolutely.nnI just want to keep sleeping well, as it improves nearly everything. I know that.nnBack later

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