My tooth hurts too bad to try to sleep. There may be some relief in the morning, when the sun rises (which is when I ironically start to become tired, but also when the tooth stops hurting (on nights that it bothers me, that is)). Strange phenomenon. nnHaving coffee for the time being, because again, cannot sleep but don’t want to be sleepY.nn**small camp apartment living**nnI’ve mentioned how I tend to think of renting an apartment as just “camping” in a residential area before, and I still tend to think of it this way. Not exactly “hard knocks/roughing it” style of camping, but you know, just a temporary setup before I have the tear down and move again in X amount of years. I sort of optimized for frequent moves before, but now I sort of want to stay settled for longer periods, not move around as much. But still, I can only afford (and only *wish* to afford) small, studio apartments (almost regardless of *where* I am living, what area).nnI mention this because I was thinking about small homes, and perhaps renting a (very) small house (and the pain in the ass it would be, I concluded), but also, because I have considered being *always* mobile, or living in some sort of a vehicle for a prolonged period of time. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would not do this (because I never had a driver’s license in my 38 years on this planet, and never intend to get one). But in terms of an apartment, it’s how I *started* living independently, and it is how I will *always* live, in all likelihood. And to keep things in the mindset of “small camp apartment living” is the way to go, in my mind. Just hanging out for a bit, haha.nnOK, back later

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