I adore the two things I do most/best – drinking coffee and writing. No qualms with that. But now I *look* like a robot while I do the stuff, because my left shoulder *kinda* still hurts (pain went down from a second dose of Motrin), but my neck still has a big kink in it. I am literally extending my right eyeball (well, both eyes, I suppose) to see where I am sitting down the coffee mug on the stand next to my chair, so I do not turn my neck, and I am looking straight forward when I type. nnIt’s pain. It sucks. The mattress is garbage and I need a new one. But that won’t happen for 30+ days so I will have to continue to flip, and turn the mattress in different ways to get a decent nights sleep here and there in the meantime. The neck pain should subside by the end of the day (I hope), so I will be doing better then. nnJust sharing this here. Hope everyone is doing well.nnback soonnn:)

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