...not really.

I don't have plans to watch the SB, and I am not going anywhere to watch it, and I don't think it will be streaming live anywhere online (not for free, anyway), so, I will just "peace out" from the festivities. It is like a holiday in the United States, though. I have no idea who the halftime act will be, probably ABBA collaborating with RUN DMC or some bat shit stuff like that. It's always a mish-mash of dog shit, the SB halftime shows are.

But, I guess the Internet will "be alive" with blog posts professing the love and admiration for the LA Rams or the Cincinnati Bengals (whichever team they pledge allegiance to). Or maybe not - a lot of blogs I keep up with are fairly nerdy and tend to be dev-related, and sometimes (stereotypically) nerds don't care for sports. At least I don't.

Anyhow, it's early (6:45 AM) and I have been awake for a couple hours, and I need something to eat.

back soon