**Thanx** is going to be (and is already becoming) a web application. That’s why I am doing/learning web dev. Some apps (like Snapchat, and probably even TikTok (and at one time Instagram)) have no web presence (in fact I am be wrong about TT at this point – I honestly have no clue). They are mobile-first applications, and are available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store – **Thanx** is definitely NOT that. I mean, I understand the draw and appeal of having an app in those places, and if they did well in terms of promotion and whatnot, ranked highly, they can bring in a boatload of users, but that is not the purpose of **Thanx**. Having users (for lack of a better term) is a good thing, but this is more or less for small-timers and average folks (which I think a lot of people are going to *really* love). But, that isn’t to say that there will be no promotion/marketing behind this service. But at first, let’s just say this product will be in beta for a *loong* time. A lot of kinks to be worked out, I am sure.nnAnd ideally, I can make this software that anyone can grab off Github and install themself, with whatever URL they choose, and put their own spin on it however they like.nnAnother thing I want to mention: I plan on changing the color scheme a bit on **Thanx**. Yes it looks clean, an clear, and bright, and nice with the “bright yellow” color scheme, but it is far too much like BuyMeACoffee, and I do not intend to be a cheap-o version of BMAC. BMAC, ko-fi, LiberaPay – hell, even Venmo and PayPal all serve *great* purposes in the world, and if someone else (or team of people) want to attempt to disrupt that space, that’s fine. I can’t/wouldn’t.nnThis is **Thanx**, where people just message a quick “good job”, “Thanx”, or “keep going” (or whatever else they want to say) and have their particular creator, blogger, photographer, whoever GET that message in a private Inbox – no money exchanged, no financial influence, and costs nothing to use (either as a creator *or* a sender).nnSo there’s some words I wanted to say about **Thanx** this afternoon. It’s moving along, it’s a labor of love, and I am enjoying every second of it!nnThanx for reading

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