I was in the mood for some random music. So I put on Fugazi “I’m So Tired”, which I heard in an oddball YouTube video simply titled “Kurt – April 4”, and it was uploaded on April 4, 2022, but was a recording of Kurt Cobain sitting…somewhere, and smoking a cig, just looking around (I don’t think he was aware of the camera), and was likely from 1993, 1992, or something.nnI *love* that Fugazi song, too. Had it on playlists for a long time, and just now revisited it. Then, for whatever reason, the Daisy Chainsaw song “Love Your Money” came into my head, so I listened to that (sort of a Grunge one hit wonder). Then, I put on Cindy Lauper (Cyndi Lauper? I don’t know the spelling) and the songs “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” and “Time After Time” back to back. Great tracks! I have *some* memory of GJWTHF as a sort of household anthem when I was five or six years old. Both of my sisters were teenagers at the time, and it was the late-80s, so, of course that song got played 24/7. No complaints.nnBut anyway, I had a vegetarian pasta dish just now (veggie version of ramen noodles) and added some fried eggs to it – making it Asian-style, and it was fairly good. Just missing those long sliced onions.nnI tried to set up another ride for grocery shopping, but the person I called didn’t answer, so I left a Voicemail, then she called back and I was napping, so *she* left a Voicemail, and now everything remains unresolved. Haha. I will try tomorrow. nnI will also follow up with the writing…training…thing (hard to describe what it is – not a college). I’ll update about that when I have something to update with.nnBack soon

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