Issue. 10 of "The Zine Around The Corner" is now avail to download on my /zine page :):)

Man, I just put together, wrote, and compiled Issue 10 of The Zine Around The Corner and it was a doozy! 24 (or more? I can't remember) pages of "the zine", that were harvested from my own blog posts from, (sub)tmo, and also Most are tech-related, and some other stuff, too.

As always, it was a fun labor of love, a creative process and fulfillment, and just a neat thing to do (I think).

I like the cover, too, which was put together on, and utilized the built-in page editor on Carrd, as well as a screenshot (photo) embed from the TextMate editor.

Fun fun fun!

This issue actually has an Index, too! Mostly because The pages ran pretty close together, and the standard "sections" were simply in bold, and I didn't want people to feel confused/lost on where one article ended and the other one began.

And, I standardized the font/font size for the zine - before I would sort of copy/paste older blog posts I had written in basically whatever font the initial post was written in, and then just "let it ride" like some slopped together mess of laziness.

Now, I am using Roboto Mono (is the name) font from the Google font family, and using Size 14 font issue-wide. I will do this format from now on :)

And of course the whole thing was compiled in Google Docs, and then downloaded (by me) as a PDF document, and then UPloaded to the "/zine" page here on Scroll on down to the bottom, and you will see Issue 10 for download.

back soon

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