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Listening to "Life On Mars?" by David Bowie, and it's such a good song. Enormously talented bloke, he was. This song is off the Hunky Dory album, which is terrific all around. I watched a thing on Bowie last night about "his darkest character" (or stage persona), The Thin White Duke, which revolved around his time in the mid-70's when he survived off a diet of peppers, milk, and cocaine. He said some bad shit in those times, and had some cynical lyrics, which I will chalk up to his spiral into cocaine addiction, because in the years prior and following, he seemed like the coolest dude.

And as that song ends, and I sip my Diet Pepsi, the song "Always See Your Face" by Love comes on, which reminds me to scope out a Gordon Lightfoot song I heard the other day, which plays at the end of the movie Wonderland, which is about the Wonderland Avenue massacre that occurred in the 1980s involving the porn star John Holmes, and a bunch of miscarriages of justice via bribed juries from the Hollywood drug kingpin (name slips my mind, Eddie Nash?) and all kinds of wild shit. The movie Wonderland stars Val Kilmer and Lisa Kudrow has a big role in that movie, too. Wild shit. But, the Lightfoot song that plays during closing credits I had always wondered who the artist was, and then I found it was a Lightfoot song, which I must look up again, as I am only familiar with "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald". Another great Lightfoot song.

Right now (in this moment), I wait for "Like Light To Flies" to finish up by Trivium which has one of the most melodic and awesome chorus' in Rock/Metal/whatever genre they would be categorized as.

Ah, "If You Could Read My Mind" is the Lightfoot song. Incredible tune. And on the subject of songs from Wonderland (or, was used IN the movie Wonderland), be sure to check out the Johnathan Davis (from the band Korn) cover of "Love On The Rocks", which is a Neil Diamond song. I remember hearing (many times) the Diamond version when going to/from St Louis to Indiana in 1993/94 in between cassette changes, as two different Neil Diamond and two different Barry Manilow cassettes were played, again and again, on the car radio. I would alter between my 10 tapes I would always pack for the journey, and play them on my portable cassette player via headphones. Not only to ignore the Diamond/Manilow fest that was being played via parental preference on the radio, but because MOST of the time I would be sporting a pair of Sony headphones, as I was "allowed" to listen to any music I wanted, as long as the parents didn't have to hear it. I think at that time I had 200-ish cassette tapes, 20 of which were my own "compilation" tapes of my favorite songs from that catalog + a bunch of songs I recorded via KSHE 95 radio + my friend's tapes + my friend's dad's CD collection. Anyway, the Davis version of "Love On The Rocks" is much heavier, much more "satisfying", in a rock way, and must be heard! :)

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