I’m new to web development (14 months in), people who read along here know this, and I don’t make myself into something I am not. And I am *just now* getting into a proper git workflow (starting out, and I expect the pace to pick up when I get the “hang” of it), and I am going to be using Github when I am learning all of this. It’s a good thing, will make life easier, will make open sourcing any (or all) projects I do possible, and yea…Github is a good place to do those things.nnBut with all the talk people bring up around decentralization (NFTs, crypto, blockchain (which is about as centralized (in a literal sense) that *I* can think of), etc.) – why would *anyone* use Github for these activities? Github is owned by Microsoft, and it may or may not have become “centralized” by accident (people just wanted to go where the people were to collaborate on code), and centralization in and of itself, is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as an individual company does not OWN that centralized environment.nnSo, this is just me “quipping”, I guess (which is somewhat of an annoying thing to do) that if “the future is decentralized” then there would (naturally, obviously) be a mass exodus from Github, and people would be using GitLab, or Codeberg, or whatever the hell. I don’t think this is the case, though.nnJust my two cents

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