So, the default site for a new Ghost blog is what is being displayed for the time being at [](, but I WILL do ish with it in a little bit here. nnI had to of course spin up a new VPS (on Linode), and configure the domain, and run all the BS involved with installing the Ghost software (**so** many steps!), and in order to do this, I have to be able to SSH into that VPS (obvs), and I cannot do this without having PDAnet+ active via the application on both Android *and* Mac – now, this is fine, but there is sort of a time limit that that connection stays active, so I had to act fast. When doing regular dev and there are not a million steps to follow, it is no big deal at all, but, when I have to do everything in “One Big Go”, it is stressful. And **right** after the install was complete and I confirmed that the site was live and everything was OK – PDAnet+ disconnects. So I *barely* pulled that ish off, lmao! But, I got Ghost installed just fine (*thank Dog!*), and now I can transition some writing to over there.nnFun stuff. Gonna go with the Drybll theme for Ghost (initially only on Jekyll), as that is the simplest/best theme in the world (well, there *are* simpler ones, but I like it a lot.nnBack soon

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