At 6:00 AM, when I went to Schnucks to buy some groceries, my right shin cramped up or/and I pulled something, and I have been in pain ever since. But only when I walk. I was able to make it to Schnucks and back on pure adrenaline alone (and a need to have food in my house).nnSo, I made a Same-Day delivery order from Walgreens just now for Extra Strength Tylenol (+ a Monster Lo-Carb for good measure), and they will be delivered soon. Pricey, but worth it.nnI can barely get from one side of the room to the other at this point. Terrible disposition to be in :/nnSo, that’s how my day is going, so far. No haircut was gotten, nothing else was done besides get a few groceries this morning and I have been in my apartment ever since. Really sucks.

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