I am listening to radio.garden again, and there is the most chill piano/synth tunes playing right now. I have no idea of the station's name, but I marked it as a favorite and will revisit again. Inititally, I was going to see what was playing in the Oslo area, because I was in the mood for some extreme metal/Black Metal/Death Metal/whatever, but this has tamed my rambunctious soul and made me want to fall asleep with the stars ;)

I was "chill" before I flipped on this station, though. And even wrote a little "quiet" piece to express as such. I feel I can find/feel the "calm" aspects of my soul and mind on nights like this. Just...whisper silent contemplation. With an almost timid "rigidness" to the quiet, like any small disturbance or disruption could set everything ablaze and change the world.

It reminds me of a dream I've had since I was young: I (or my presence) is on a golf course, and someone so lightly taps a golf ball - just a gentle nudge. And it moves forward - quietly, peacefully. And then it picks up steam, going faster and getting bigger, and then it is running over people, places, things. And then it slows down, and returns to it's quiet, small form again. Rolling along silently. Calm restored to the world.

It's moments in life and time that I try, and aim for the times of quiet - wanting only the peace and silence to prevail. Like the ball started, the ball ends - in gentle tranquility.