Remember the show In the Heat of the Night? I barely do. It was a cop drama from the early 1990s that was fairly dumb from what I remember. Kind of like DaVinci's Inquest from 2004-ish. Short-lived, not good. Anyway, the theme song to In the Heat of the Night pops into my head every so often when I am standing outside in the dark. I was just standing outside in the dark (on my balcony), having an Edgefield, and having Noir Coffee, and the theme song rang up in my memory, and now it is sort of stuck in my head.

Accompanying the darkness of the night, were wind chimes (it's breezy), as well as random people setting their car alarms (the double-honk thing), because car break-ins happen every so often on this property now, because St Louis. The laundromat got vandalized, too, I guess because a pocketful of change is worth risking life and limb in a prison cell for? Crazy.

I cruised YouTube for a while, tried to find something relatively funny, but perhaps 1 out of every 20 videos is even humor-related in the Recommendations, even though that is the ONLY thing I watch on there anymore. South Park, Family Guy, sometimes (rarely) The Simpsons, Mr Show, and some YT comedians, and that's basically all, but the YT algo's need to show me 19/20 OTHER things that have no humor to them whatsoever, because YouTube thinks it is doing me this huge favor. Of course they just need to make money, so....that's their thing.

Speaking of money, tech, and things of that nature, word got around to me that Elon Musk bought a chunk of Twitter shares (9% or 10% or something like that). Sounds like a good payday for Birdsite, until Musk (the most reckless and insane investor (and person)) in the world decides to offload all of his shares in some impulsive move. That will happen. Then Twitter's stock will fall, and then they'll need to dig themselves from that hole, I am sure. That happened to FB recently, too (their stock took a HUGE hit), and maybe they came back from it, maybe they didn't, I couldn't care less.

I don't "follow" this crap, by the way. It isn't like I have my future staked in the stock exchange (I wouldn't even know what the hell to look at/for in that regard). It's just that when some of the world's largest companies take a huge loss or get a huge influx of money, people talk about it. Constantly. It won't make Twitter or FB "better", by the way - all hope is lost there, but people can "play make believe" that everything turns around because there are more digits in their respective CEO's bank accounts.

I will say that I have a particular disdain for Elon Musk, though. And Twitter. And all social media services. And most celebrities, as well. They do nothing to "spark joy" in my life, and now they all spend their life and times hammering out social activist bullshit on any given platform (sometimes all of them), and just think they're making the world spin round by their empty-minded quips. I suppose that is mildly better (or more justifiable) than someone who has/does nothing on social media occassionally chiming in on some issue they feel needs their following's attention. Nothing results from it. Leave it be. Couldn't mean less.

Anyhow, I can't make heads or tails of any of this - just how I see things at the moment, and what is on my mind.

There are a few thoughts. Have a nice night.