I remember there used to be a blog on Tumblr called “inothernews” and the motto was something like “blogging via typewriter”, which I thought was interesting, but IDK what a typewriter had to do with the content of the blog, as it was a very, Very, VERY pro-Liberal type of ordeal, and the dude worshipped the feet of Democrats, and posted political content 24/7. nnBut, “inothernews” I guess is an OK blog name.nnMe? I am a minimalist, and my initials are “TMO”. TM O’Leary, or “olry” or something like that is “too long” for my tastes, so I just stick to “TMO”. Not that blog titles matter – it is what it is, so I just leave things be.nnAnyway, in the other “news”, is not really news at all (in my case). I am just having coffee and listening to a construction crew drill and dig a massive hole next to the building across the way from me. It’s loud, and can be very distracting, but I have nothing in particular to be distracted *from*, so no loss.nnBut yea, Tumblr, I remember when that was the “*coolest*” thing. Everyone wanted to be a blogger, and it seemed like everyone *was* a blogger at one point. Now most people probably can’t even remember the log-ins to their old Tumblr blog(s), and the trend is dead, as is that particular platform, but the memories live on 😉 nnAnd I remember the “recommended follows” or “featured blogs” on the front page of the service circa 2011 – “inothernews” was one of them, Minimal Mac, Shortform Blog, Hipster Libertarian, The Political Notebook, mnml, The Black Workshop, and others. I remember wanting *sooo badly* to have my little slice of blog garbage to be a “featured blog”, but it was mainly reblogs of *other* (better) blogs, as well as some diary type entries and that was it. I called it, then changed the name to DigitalPapr, then finally, because my handle on Twitter was [@]Tomskee (now owned by someone else, I am sure). It was called Notorious News initially because my first blog was titled (which is a silly title, but I didn’t care). The motto was “Notorious people, and the news about them!” Ridiculous stuff, haha.nnAnyway, TMO works for now. And my coffee is finished, and the construction stopped (momentarily), so I will continue on with my day.n

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