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So this little import/export adventure continues...

So, just as I was getting ready to export a "raw" .json file (zipped) from WP to import to Ghost (to this blog), I happened across the documentation for the Ghost Export Plugin for WP (neat! Before you know it, there will be a WP plugin to solve homelessness/hunger!).

So, I utilized it. And I got the .zip file, I started the import process, but got hit with this error:, I figure it could be a network thing (or that may have been easy/quick to fix, so I looked into that first). I went ahead and closed out of all apps on the MacBook, and then turned on PDAnet+, as I am tethering, and most of the time the proxy for it works ok, but sometimes I need to activate the Desktop app, itself, for "secure" connections (such as when I do anything that involves SSH activity).

And I ran the import thing again. No go.

Then I tried to simply access, itself. Wouldn't load. (Uh oh!)

So I tried, and I was hit with a 500 Error, or whatever, saying that it was nginx related.

So, off to the CLI to make sure all my updates were updated, and to run ghost doctor to see what could be going wrong. Everything seemed fine, so I went ahead and ran ghost restart and that cured it. is back online (obviously).

Before that, I rebooted the VPS this blog is on, and the reboot process "froze" at this:

....and I thought: "ffs, a failed WP import toppled a Linode server, and this will never finish loading, and I will have to start again". I thought that for about 45 seconds, and then it completed the reboot, and everything was fine.

Anyway, I'm done pissing with this for tonight.

I'll try sometime soon. Probably tomorrow. No clue what could be the issue.

back later

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