So, I am thinking of finding a/the juuust right theme for this Ghost bloggo (a theme that is not this theme), one that "ticks all the boxes" in terms of what is needed for the GScan thing (AKA is Ghost compatible), and one I can use long term for being/staying on Ghost.

So here is what I am thinking:

  • find a theme I like, modify it to my liking, and make sure it still gets 100/100 on the GScan "test"
  • export everything from this blog (here on, and save it
  • export everything from the old bloggo (over on, and save that, too
  • then, fire up a new VPS (same specs as this VPS (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, $5 per mo plan (though I may go up to $10 per mo?)) on Linode
  • then, create the new blog, with the new (modified) theme, and a boatload of archived blog posts (from and W.a)
  • and finally (and this is why I would bother with all of this), use the domain for the address, as is neither A) the correct spelling of my last name, and B) not a "co" in any way/shape/form

I was (and still am, kinda) SO excited when I saw that was an avail URL on GoDaddy some months back, because the .name extension is taken for so many things. And as far as .com - LOL! I do not need a "commercial space" for a dog gone journal!

And, the domain is accurate/honest - "TMO" are my legal initials. And .name reflects that perfectly.

So anyway, I may fool with all this in a little while, but not right this second.

back soon