(This isn't a rant against consumerism)

So, the moms placed an order for me through Instacart, and that ordered got delivered, in-full, and then some - and what I mean is, there is roughly $30-ish worth of meat here that was given to me by mistake. So, I called the moms to let her know that it's our moral obligation to alert Instacart of this mistake, so they worker does not lose her job. And a text was sent to Instacart (apparently) to let the worker know that I have this portion of someone's order, and to come and pick it up. The worker didn't respond, Schnucks (where it was bought from) says their hands are tied in terms of communication with Instacart, etc.

So, I guess this either A) falls through the cracks, or (and this is more likely) B) the worker pays out-of-pocket for this order or/and loses her job in the process, so the Instacart customer stays happy and Instacart doesn't face a lawsuit.

What a farce company/service. Solving the world's problems, though, I am sure. Ridiculous.

My hands are tied, as well. But that's how it is.

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