I might do short and simple updates here every so often, as I kinda like the idea of doing so via the MenuBarX application here on the MacBook – but, mostly my longform blog posts will be over on [](, so please subscribe via RSS over there if you like, as *much* less stuff will be here on W.a.nnI will leave the W.a blog (*this* one – active on W.a for a fair while longer, as I payed for five(5!) years of “Pro” on this platform, but everything (from what I’ve seen) has fallen by the wayside in terms of maintenance, servers…**serving** the website properly, feature requests being made and then *other* feature requests being promised, and then NO features ever coming to light. It’s fine, as this is an incredibly small co/service, and not everything can be implemented, but I just needed a more well-rounded, (sorta) better blogging platform for a self-hosted option (which is why I didn’t go with WriteFreely in terms of hosting the blog myself).nnW.a and the community here is great, it really is. And I enjoyed R.w.a while I was publishing there (though, I felt that certain things were sort of “*expected*” of me at times – even though that wasn’t always the case, but it’s what lead me to stop putting stuff on that feed). nnAnyhow, should anyone need to reach out (the few people left who DID read this bloggo), by all means, do so [at this link](, or visit []( for accurate/up-to-date contact info, as I am sure it will gradually change over time.nnThanx

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