I don’t read negative shit online – be it the news, social media, or e-mails, but I got an e-mail from someone telling me that one of my posts (one about e-books) was “functionally wrong”. I skimmed through the e-mail as I knew most of it would be negative, as the opening was of such, so most of it was not read. Deleted.nnI don’t know if this stranger wants a debate? Or to educate me? Or for me to go back and correct everything in the (diary) blog post, like it is NYT, or what?nnMe, being an optimist, I am going to assume this person just wants me to be better informed, but negativity is the last way to accomplish this. So, that’s all there is to that.nnAnyhow, I just got back from hobbling to BP (leg is still messed up), and I slept most of the day, because I felt sick most of last night (*all* night last night, in fact), but I got laundry done this morning, so that is good.nnBack later

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