I always wanted to use Xcode (or Xcode Developer Tools, to be specific) because “Xcode” just *sounds* cool! LOL! When I heard about Swift for the first time, I wanted to try that, too, but that is not exactly the market I am in, so I will not fuss with it right now.nnI just remember seeing on Twitter (in 2015 or so) some dude who had his Mac with him everywhere he went and he was always talking about Xcode, sharing screenshots of what he was working on, and was super enthusiastic about the whole thing (the “thing” being programming, I guess). nnI *always* derive some amount of motivation, “dev-spo”, or enthusiasm for doing tech-related stuff when I see someone *else* doing it. Monkey see/monkey do type of scenario, I suppose. nnOK, time for more coffee

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