I figure that will be a nice treat for my birthday. Smokes. nnThe VA/Per blend either got moldy, or over humidified, or whatever the hell, but it won’t burn for shit now. It’s like an old tire. nnI’m sick of fussing with a pipe anymore anyways. Too much cleaning, packing, lighting, re-lighting, and maintenance with the hobby. Just give me a pack of smokes to fetch a cig from, suck that fxxxer down, and stamp it out when I have my fix. That’s all I need. nnSo, I’ll buy a carton of Luckies tomorrow, and just stick with those until Dec, and then get a couple more cartons of Luckies to get be through *that* month. nnSucks when I write so much nice shit about a particular blend, and I was *just* starting to think it could be a “permanent” all day/every day smoke, and then it goes bad on me out of the blue. nnIt don’t matter, though. I never quit cigs to start with, so I can just “transition” with no problem whatsoever. nnJust one of those nights, man. Computers decide to shit themselves for no good reason. The tobacco (the “good” tobacco) I have on hand goes sour. Not to mention I damn near ripped the shin muscles from my bone while crossing the street this AM (which has only *slightly* healed from this morning). Could’ve woke up with a gun in my damn mouth and gotten better results than I have in the past 32 hours. FFS. nnAnyway, I’ll be back later.

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