I'd like someone to look me in the eye and tell me there is NOT a financial conspiracy to blacklist/marginalize/ban specific people from online retail. I have a PayPal account, it's confirmed through e-mail/SMS, but I cannot accept funds nor withdraw funds (rendering it useless). BUT (and here is where marginalization comes in) I AM registered with them, they have/keep my e-mail and phone number, but simply "lock me out" from doing any type of online transactions. It's like a public-facing blocked list. Or an in-your-face blacklist. Now, I would like to confirm a few (or any) details in regards to further verifying my account (by telling them WHO I am, what I INTEND to use the account for), but it won't let me through. Hell, I type "https://paypal.com" into my browser window now, and I am effectively IP banned from going directly to their site.

So, the Hell with it. PayPal (and basically ALL financial institutions) are conspiratorial as fxxx, and I hate them. It's no wonder normal people still want/need non-digital currency in the money system (AKA, physical dollars/coins), because there would BE no society without it. Bitcoin, chips, all-digital (or, card-only) institutions are basically a koy way of making society into a credit (or, merit-based) system of hierarchy. Sort of like how they use cameras and NFC (not NFT) and Bluetooth to track citizens in communist China as to say: "oh, you are a "good" citizen who won't cause trouble or misbehave in any way - yes, you can pay for that coffee with your smartwatch today". Fxxxing dystopian nightmare.

So, whatever. If you need me I'll be begging on the streets for the last lifeline to money our (broken, shitty, short-lived) empire (the U.S.) has to offer - the physical US dollar.