You know the term “beggars can’t be choosers”? I kinda/sorta feel this applies to me when it comes to what is on the WWW. I go through a browser history, look for shit that gets updated every so often (blogs, blog services, RSS feeds, comment sections, or whatever), and whatever is “on tap” is what gets clicked on. Whatever the mouse hovers over first. I can’t (sanely) want “more” from the WWW. Visiting big websites is basically like visiting Midtown Manhattan in the 1970s – a tidal wave of ads, and news, and media, and cynicism. Other (smaller) parts of the WWW could possibly be analogized (real word?) as any small town. You and I will not be “hot shit” in a small town (or the small web), but we’ll keep our wits about us, be relatively happy/safe.nnAnd this is what I am referring to in terms of being an “Internet beggar” – I take what’s in front of me. What’s closest and convenient. There’s not shopping malls and gallerias of hyper-personalized content, and stuff that is *riiight* up my alley in terms of interests, but, instead I come across people, blogs, websites, that have actual PEOPLE behind them. Something that is approachable. A place where people are people.nnI guess that’s all I got to say on that subject. Thanks for reading.

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