LOL, so I have talked about my amateurish [unGit Method]( here before, and I do not recommend it to anyone, but that is why I am addressing this issue (for myself) this morning.nnI did a quick DDG search for “gitflow methods”, and got to reading about CI/CD, and trying to figure out an easy way to make everything “just work” together. nnSee, I have all the code I need/want for the **Thanx** project *LIVE* on the VPS, itself. They are in a series of .html and .php files, and I have copy/pasted (literally, manually) these files into the Atom (code) Editor *after* I have already “tested” them (made them live) on the **Thanx** project website, itself.nnSo, this “write code > publish live (to “test”) > copy/paste code from VPS into Atom Editor (if nothing breaks)” method is a *very* backwards way of doing things, indeed. And I am not sure how I ended up going this route (other than being antsy to just DO stuff, and also lack of doing proper research) – did I mention I am self-taught?nnI am going to correct all of this soon. I will figure out a proper (git)flow of getting things done, tested, and then pushed to production.nnBut ah, where to start? There are countless resources online, I just need to find the right one.nnMore on this laternn#dev

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