Several updates on W.a (and therefore r.w.a), so I will put something here.

I started a new bloggo (for S&G's) called tmo snapping that is a collection of new photos that I am taking, and is more or less an "experimentation in photography". Or, an experimentation in my interest in snapping photos. I take a couple (or a few) photos per day, and I post them on that bloggo (that is also on my and I put a sentence or a paragraph beneath each photo, and leave it at that.

I took a few snaps already, and that idea started on the tmo blog, but I didn't want to fill up a lot of R.w.a feed stuff with continual photo experiment stuff, because I figure I would do a few posts per day on tmo snapping. So, it is Unlisted.


That's what I've been up to tonight.

back soon