I'll turn it off...just turn it off (guitar solo)

...referencing Paramore's "Turn It Off"

I just returned home from an ill-fated (dog ass depressing) visit from Neighbor "S", and I opened the laptop to find some stuff to lift my spirits. And I found as much :)

An 8bitnews newsletter, some stuff on my 1Feed, and other goodies.

Also, this post from my friend M. Perry (photog.social link), and it linked a story from The Verge (which I've perused here and there lately) about how to turn off the new Instagram feed features, or reel-line, or TikTok Timeline, or whatever they are trying to mimic for profit.

And I agree with M's sentiment:

...yes, turn it off forever. Seriously. LOL!

Everything I've read online in the past few days, has been opining and musing about what the next photo-sharing app will be (because like a tree falling in a vacated woodline - no ears, no sound). And most folks just photograph TO photograph (like my friend M), and others have a hybrid of both "sharing" AND "storing" (or keeping for private). Others, will snap a shot JUST to share. And that is all that matters to those folks - a way of spurring reaction via content, in order to gets Likes and Comments, and anything else is just pixelated flutter.

So, I am likely 80-ish percent in the hybrid camp. I snap a bunch of stuff, and some goes to Snap.as (NOT Snapchat), and the rest I just keep to myself. Or, it will get shared here on tmo.name.

So, I share this for no particular reason. I sort of assumed some "useful"/decent writing would manifest itself as the text went on, but I have no idea where I would go with this.

Delete Instagram - or don't.

Delete ALL social media - or don't.

The world will spin all the same either way

Have a good afternoon, everybody. I need to make lunch and have coffee :P


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