I'll talk about sobriety

...from alcohol. Or anything that I've dealt with in life, really. I went through the roller coaster of Dexedrine addiction when I was 15 (I dove into the realm of amphetamine addiction before I was even old enough to legally get a job). Or, the era when I was sort of simultaneously addicted to video games/the Internet (or, video game related material ON the Internet). Then after that, a went through a year-long bout with alcoholism, which during that period, the LSD I shoveled into my system during my mid-to-late teenage years sort of "caught up" with me, and that rendered me a near invalid as I imagine many people would consider that state "unfunctional".

Things turned around and I avoided nearly all addiction (aside from nicotine, which never subsided in this time) until 2009, when I fell ass backwards into Twitter addiction (it was the most potent of the social networks, for me - I swam in the dopamine and stimulation of it all for around two years, and then everything "wore off" and I grew to hate the service more than any online "service" I had ever experienced). I made excuses for, and "rage-scrolled" that service for another eight years after I had long stopped being interested in it - a fucked scenario.

Then alcohol came into the picture again for a while - mostly due to toxic relationships in my life, which I wanted to end (the relationships, not life, itself). So, I rid myself of the alcohol AND the relationships (both around the same time), and everything has been improving since then.

And that brings us to Now. I still bat around quitting smoking. And I will someday, I suppose. The withdraws of nicotine are severe and intense for me, though. I won't describe it all, but it may as well be equivalent to kicking "junk" to the curb in terms of discomfort and flat out sickness.

So I'm glad I'm at where I'm at. Easier this way (being sober).

back soon

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