I just felt like writing, so I fired up the text editor, and away I go. Of course I have nearly nothing on my mind at the moment, so I'll just "wing it".

I'm sitting here having some nice coffee, enjoying my new entertainment rig setup in the living room, making plans for "what comes next" in terms of the Home Entertainment Rig(TM) (or, "HER", I suppose - haha). Ideally, I would like to use the Polk speakers with the whole thing (if there were room on that wall), but the problem with that is, there would be no remote control functionality with such a setup. I would have to (and in all likelihood WILL) get a soundbar of some type, instead. That would enable me to stick with a two-remote system (Chromecast + television). If I, for example, bought a "nicer" integrated amplifier, then it, too, would have a remote, and then I would have three(3!) remotes I would have to negotiate. Fxxx that! So, it's either:

  • two remotes and soundbar
  • two remotes and NO volume control with (my current) speakers, and no soundbar
  • three remotes WITH volume control + speakers, and no soundbar (which is also the costlier option)

So, really, I'm looking at an affordable soundbar sometime in the future.

Here's a question: "what was I doing?

The question is proposed in a TEDx Talk given by Grant Blakeman on the subject of minimalism back in 2009 or so (I've seen it on YT many times - before "minimalism" was even on anyone's radar), and he talks about the abundance of choice and opportunity in the developed world, and how consumers (as we all are), "when given too much choice are choosing not to choose". But the question...in question, is what I am focusing on here, because it's like life goes this way and then life goes that way and then it's like "what the hell are my priorities, again?".

So, what are my priorities? Let's lay some out real fast, shall we?

  • continue writing on the daily (obviously, no stopping there, I don't think)
  • continue learning/practicing web development (it's very important (and interesting!) to me)
  • continue to get "life straightened out" in terms of finances, securing a U.S. Passport, saving money, perhaps investing a bit of money (not in crypto, but in precious metals)
  • getting/staying more organized, overall

So those are four good starting points. I will continue along with those. Life does seem to move fast sometimes, though. And there is a sense of "slowing down or I might miss it" that I become aware of sometimes, but, it is what it is.

Back soon