I sometimes take note of what I "do" in life. Not so much "what my occupation is" (which is basically full-time unemployment (or, non-employed - been a good while since I've worked)), but what activities I get preoccupied with. How these mundane tasks and errands effect my overall mood.

Why bother taking note of such small details?

Because it's all I have, right now. As I mentioned in the "chicken coop panopticon" post, this apartment complex is a cell of inactivity. It's like voluntary solitary confinement. Free people, in the free world, deciding to be useless. Or, I feel that way a lot of the time.

So, it is these "errands", "tasks", small "hobbies" that keep my shit preoccupied and I do what I can with them.

So, it is a matter of "does this make my soul feel good?" type of scenario for most things I do throughout the day. Probably because my soul is mildly suffering.

I plan to make changes in the near future to help me get my life/head straight. And more will be divulged about such things in the future. But for now. Just pointing those things out.