Last night, I was thinking about “digital consolidation” in regards to anything and everything I have that is digital: VPS instances, blogs, cloud service providers, e-mail accounts, etc. And when I was thinking about it, I think I could go about this digital consolidation in this form:nn- VPS – I would still keep/maintain a Linode account, and keep money (credits) on there for if/when I needed/wanted to fire up a new server. But the single server I have on there right now (which hosts [my blog using Ghost software](https://olry.co)) could be done away with. Which leads me to the second point of consolidation…nn- blogging – I would transition back over to *this* blog, **tmo**, and make it my full-time writing platform BUT (and it is a *big* but), things would have to speed up significantly in every aspect of the service. Some people complain of write.as/tmo not loading (at all), or at least very *slow* loading. I sometimes get hit with a 404/405 (whichever # it is) error (sever error) after I hit “Publish” (as if I never wrote anything at all), and I have to wait X amount of minutes before I can even see the post I just wrote (making a quick read-through or/and editing impossible). A number of things would have to change, so until then I cannot make W.a my permanent home online (though I will update here every so often for S&G’s). nn- cloud service providers – I use Google Drive, pCloud, Proton Drive, and (to a small extent) iCloud. And I currently use pCloud for *everything* document-related. I mean, I also put a lot of stuff on my external SSD, but if/when something needs a redundant backup, it goes on both pCloud *and* the SSD. And I think these two things (pCloud + SSD) is all I would need. Google Drive I simply use to store back issues of [The Zine Around The Corner](https://olry.co/zine) after I have created them in Google Docs. I also utilize Google Photos so I can later print out certain snaps here and there. Proton Drive I barely touch, as it was simply free with a ProtonMail Plus account. iCloud, I don’t give a damn about. I don’t want to willing opt-in to an ecosystem that would never serve my purposes (I never plan on “committing” to only buying iPhones/MacBook from now until forever – so why jump balls-first into a proprietary cloud service?). nn- e-mail accounts – I have my primary e-mail account on ProtonMail, and I have a backup e-mail account (in case I have to restore my PM account password or something) on Gmail. And then I have a couple extra Gmail accounts I set up *years* ago for the purposes of creating secondary Twitter/Instagram accounts, because I would get locked out of *one* account (due to constant account creation and deletion (as I was trying to quit at the time)) and need to fire up *another* for whatever reason, and…yea – social media is shit, and I don’t need those e-mail accounts anymore, at all. nnAnyhow, I am not chomping at the bit to do this Great Consolidation just yet, but it will get done. Eventually.nnn

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