I always toyed with the idea of buying a "retro style computer". Something that wasn't actually from the 1980s, or 1970s era, but something that is capable of running similar software. Of course I mean compatibility and not just raw hardware horsepower.

After looking around and watching a lot of videos from The 8-Bit Guy, I decided on the Maximite (the original). There's a Color Maximite, and a Color Maximite 2 (both in color, the latter being significantly more powerful). The original is only capable of monochrome displays, and has less power to it.

However, I am nowhere near this purchase, yet. I don't know when financial situations will allow me to purchase such a machine (+ compatible hardware), but if/when I do have the financial ability, I will do so. The Maximite only runs for $50 or so, but getting the monochrome display, plus PS/2 keyboard, plus other things, the costs will add up.

Just taking note of this