It's 11:30 PM, but I slept for three hours and it felt like a deep, good, restful night's sleep, so I am surprised it is only this hour. But now, I am thinking it will be nearly an all-nighter, because I feel so dog gone rested! All is well.

I brewed up some coffee, and by brewed I mean I scooped a couple scoops of instant into hot water ;) Very tasty, keeping me more awake.

Not much of anything going on here at this hour, as you can imagine. Just sipping coffee, having pipe tobacco out of the new churchwarden pipe, which I enjoy immensely because it is a churchwarden pipe and I get no "tongue bite" from smoking it. "Tongue bite" is what happens when you smoke a pipe too quickly, and the heat from the cherry ends up sort of burning your tongue. It tends to always happen with shorter pipes, because the smoke is traveling a shorter distance from the cherry to the tip of your tongue. The churchwarden pipe is 7 inches, though, so the smoke has a chance to cool down before reaching my tongue, so there is no burn whatsoever. It's definitely a nice change from what was going on before. The pipe looks cool, too!

Now, as the clock almost strikes midnight, I'm off to find some other things to read, view, and perhaps write about.

back soon