Iced coffee cheer-me-ups, observing cloud cover, and donations to Dorsey

I went to Schnucks for a few groceries, and also iced coffee. I figure iced coffee can (and currently is) going to cheer me up from a bummed out morning where Western medicine failed me.

On the walk there, I saw the dark, thick clouds rolling in, and I cross my fingers that we (STL) both A) get a lot of heavy rain, but B) don't get flooded out like Northern St Louis and Kentucky and everywhere else.

And as I walked home, I passed Pet Supplies Plus, where a man was selling anti-bullying gear - positivity headwear, shirts that read "B E  K I N D" and also had the sign language for that phrase next to the letters, etc. He greeted me with a warm "hello!", and I then went into a small diatribe about he was the spitting image of Jack Dorsey (former Twitter CEO, monster). I asked if anyone has mentioned that to him before, and he said no, but that "he would have to look him up". As I retrieved $2 from my wallet for a donation to the cause (it's the only cash I had on me), he checked his phone and his face paused/froze, and he said "my god! He does look like me!".

It's likely a weird/nerd thing to point something like that out, but I couldn't help but mention it, because, as I said, he looked exactly like him. Weird.

So, the iced coffee permeates my blood, as does the dose of prescription strength Nexium, which was taken later than usual. The stomach settle, the mind clears, and I await a torrential downpour (I hope).

back soon

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