I started the day with ice cream. A small container of ice cream from Schnucks for breakfast! Hashtag weird life choices.

I did this, because A) the mood struck, B) I haven't had ice cream in...months, C) I needed/wanted something "real good" to take my mind off the fact that I awoke to all the rabid birds surrounding my apartment chirping into oblivion.

So, I got ice cream. No regrets.

Now, it is 11:00 AM, and the day carries on. And I am having a pop (after two cups of coffee), and I posted my last "selfie from South St Louis County" onto the blog TMO, and that is that for that :)

Soon (this weekend) I will be carrying on from St Louis and finding greener pastures. I wrote about how I have an ongoing series of posts about said move, and I will have a long(ish) form document about it soon.

But that is then (or will be then), this is Now.

But, yes, greener pastures ahead. Optimism. Positivity.

Back soon.