…people realize, that as long as the COVID virus continues to mutate (first to Delta, now Omicron) that there will be no end to lockdowns, quarantines, mask-mandates, and (eventually) vaccine mandates (as we are now seeing in NYC and Germany, as well as many (if not all) parts of the U.S. for government employees)?nnLike, people can kick and damn scream all they want, but these things (lockdowns, mandates, etc.) will continue to the point of us needing to do what they did (for a short while, at least) in China, where people were literally put into custody for being out of their home during a lockdown.nnI’m not saying that *should* or even *could* happen (in the US, anyway), but it’s fascinating that *so many* people object to doing simple things (social distancing, and getting a vaccine) to prevent the suffering or/and deaths of other people. nnAll of this has been said before (by me, most certainly – especially during the start of the pandemic), and I don’t mean to “beat a dead horse”, but damn, it’s getting completely out of control (both the pandemic *and* the rhetoric behind some people’s (BS) reasons for not getting a vaccine).nnJust my two cents real fastnnBack laternn

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