WiFi is fxxxed on the MBA. It fixed itself momentarily (a few hours), but it won’t stay connected. Again. And now I KNOW it’s the Mac and not my PDAnet app, because I’ve updated the Mac in this time (and rebooted it), and it isn’t connecting consistently (before AND after the update) – as where nothing has changed with the PDAnet app on Android. Nothing has changed on this phone at all in the past few days. nnSo, IDK. The Linux machine might happen sooner than expected. Or not. It’s not exactly economical to spend $500+ on a machine (or $800+ in this case) every year or two just for the thing to be worthless when that grace period is up. nnI may opt for being mobile-only, again. Because at least with phones you know what you are getting. And they are EXPECTED to last roughly two years. And they only cost $200-$300 to start with, which I just write off as “the price I pay to live in modern society”, that type of thing. But, I can’t be doing this shit every several years (parting with hundreds of dollars for something that COULD last longer, but is deliberately built/designed to NOT do so). nnIf/when I spend $500+ on something, that thing is a tattoo. Nothing else. nnSo, it’s just a clusterfxxx, technology is. If you need be I’ll be here, phone in-hand, NOT tethering, and NOT doing any dev work because computers are designed to break, not built to last.

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