Honestly, it’s more of a burden than an enjoyment. I have been a cigarette smoker for 20+ years. When I smoke, I want to light up, have the cig, and then stamp it out, and perhaps have another one a half hour to an hour later. That’s all.nnPipe smoking, it’s a hassle. I pack a pipe, it doesn’t burn properly (seemingly ever), I re-light, then re-light again, then a few more times, I have to tamper down the ashes of the tobacco as it burns down, then the acrylic stem gets clogged with…whatever, then I have to disassemble the pipe, use a pipe cleaner with it, re-assemble, re-light, on and on and on. And even if I pack an entire bowl of by “favorite” tobacco (I don’t *actually* enjoy any of them that I have tried), by the time I am done smoking it, I am already ready for another bowl. Not because I am a chain smoker, but because it took 20 minutes of inconsistent “fussing” to manage to smoke *that* bowl, and I never “got” much from it. So the whole activity was a lost cause. nnSo, yes, I am a pretty “frequent” smoker of cigarettes. I am not actually “proud” of smoking (it’s bad, obviously), but I *prefer* cigs over pipes, and I always have.nnSo, I am going to go ahead and get a couple cartons of Lucky Strikes when April rolls around.nnPipe smoking was *kinda* fun, sometimes. And I do kinda like the Latakia blends when it is cold outside. But overall it cannot be done on a daily basis. It’s too much work.nnback later

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