So, the macOS update took about 20 minutes. No big deal. I wrote so as much on (sub)TMO, and then deleted that post, so I won’t go into all that again – but, the update was painless.nnDidn’t jump into the SN install, though. I may sometime today (this afternoon, maybe?). It’s 2:15 AM now, and I just woke up, so I will not fuss with it at the moment. I need to fuss with the “command prompt” on my Terminal, though, because I changed the prompt to just `tmo$`, and I need to do something with it that *prompts* the *prompt* to add an additional space after the `$`, because I am positive there is supposed to be a space there, and currently it just runs congruently (so, what should be `tmo$ sudo apt…blah blah` is `tmo$sudo apt…blah blah`). That will cause me trouble long term, even if the commands still worked technically.nnI have that resource (from Medium.com) about changing prompt names on macOS within the terminal (which uses zsh now, which people don’t like (why???), but I didn’t even know wtf zsh *was* until I came across this particular walk-thru, so…).nnEither way, the SN install will be just be me **hosting my own data** for Standard Notes on my own VPS- but the application, itself, will still be the regular app that is I already have downloaded from their Website. I *can* self-host a web version of SN, but it is not exactly what I am going for (the local app looks/works great as it is, anyway).nnback soon

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