I just ran across [this blog post](https://abytesjourney.com/leaving-twitter/) about a (former) member of what some call “Bitcoin Twitter” leaving the service (Twitter) and lessons he learned from having done so. I truly enjoyed reading this, as a lot of what is written here is true, or at least *I* resonate with it a great deal. But, the only thing I would add, is that Twitter, in and of itself, is a toxic environment – no matter what community one is a part of on there.nnThe best analogy he gave, of sorts, was (paraphrasing); Twitter is a fence between barking dogs, and that the moment you remove the fence, you are best buds.nnAnd that is *so damn true*. Twitter isn’t reality. At all. If I met someone I had known on social media IRL, I would likely get along with them just fine. Chances are, they wouldn’t remember me from 2+ years ago, anyway, but I can, and would, do my best to get along with that person no matter their views, words, influence, or online outrage, or whatever the case – we’re all just normal human beings at the end of the day.nnSo, being consumed (or being consumed *by*) social media is definitely a bad habit (or as I admitted to myself a long time ago, a bad *addiction*). Stepping back is always a good choice.

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