The desk in the bedroom will work, I think. But now I need an entertainment center for the television set (which I receive in early-Jan, which I already rambled about before). So, I put a basic, $140, *matching* (matching the desk) entertainment center in my cart on Wayfair, and I guess I’ll order the sumbitch in January. I just need something for the TV and a soundbar, not gonna use the speakers with that rig, I don’t think. At least not at first. The living room is “under construction” as far as I’m concerned, until I get the Xmas tree out of there. *Then* it will all come together.nnBut the desk? It’s done. Nothing to be added/subtracted. Just the MacBook, accompanied by my mug of coffee and tobacco pipe 🙂 A **true** writer’s desk! And a **true** writing nook! :DnnAt least this is the way *I* do it, distractionless. I know that when I do dev work sometimes, I like to have an external display, keyboard, mouse (for accuracy), all that shit, but when I just want to hammer out text about this and that, I opt for the least amount of things happening around me as I can. Kind of like if I had a typewriter, there wouldn’t be numerous components surrounding me – just the typewriter, itself, and (in all likelihood) a pipe and coffee. Good times, indeed.nnI’d like to get back to that frame of mind, too. A simpler type of perspective on the world around me. Like, keeping the living room as simple/basic as possible, and same for the bedroom (and *all* rooms in the apartment), and keep the “one-track mind” type of attitude as far as what I am doing, what I value, etc. Keep things in perspective, basically. Getting lost in the sauce of “life” can be discouraging (and pointless), so I sort of need/want to regain focus a little bit. I am doing this.nnBack later.

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