Of course this is only the third day with this injury, and I am not jumping to conclusions, but let’s put it this way: I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow, get my hair cut, and a few other errands, and I am doubting that I will be able to do more than a couple of those activities. In fact, grocery shopping *might* be out of the question. Going to get a money order from a *different* grocery store to pay off the (small) remainder of my rent will HAVE to get done (long story on why there is a remainder, I did something incorrectly on the online rent payment portal). As far as a haircut, I *think* I can hobble into the shop and get my hair done (in fact, I am sure I can). But, any long bouts of walking I basically cannot do easily/efficiently.nnAnd the Big Bad Part of the whole thing is, I live on the top floor, so that means going up stairs with the groceries. My ride can bring up some stuff, but not *everything*, but also I cannot make it through/around an entire grocery store to get everything I need. So, I will likely have to place an online delivery order at some point tomorrow. Or, that is what I will likely end up doing.nnBut yea, I don’t know how long this injury will last? It definitely sucks having it, because I would have hiked at Cliff Cave either yesterday or today if I didn’t have it. Hell, I would have done half the grocery shopping and had my hair cut finished with by now if I didn’t have this hobble. Pain in the ass, for sure.nnWe’ll see how it goes. Back later.

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