Been fussing with the Jekyll stuff for close to an hour now, I have no idea wth is going wrong. It doesn’t tell me the install “failed”, it just won’t “serve” it. There’s a hell of a lot of tutorials (e.g. Tutorial Hell(TM)) that are saying “you have to do XYZ in the Jekyll .config file”, but it doesn’t mention this whatsoever in the install process. Hell, the official install documentation on the (**official**) Jekyll site makes it seem like I have but five commands to run and I will be off to the races!nnAnd on that note, I “nano’d” into the .config file to see what was what, and there is NOTHING there! So maybe Jekyll isn’t installed at all? I could go back and try to RE-install it, but surely it will tell me that I already have it installed, so…wth?nnI did this just fine close to a year ago – no hangups whatsoever, so…idk.nnI’m sick of pissing around with it for this morning, though. I will try a fresh install later, I guess.nnFxxxing frustrating

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