It’s a photo of a Roomba, the dumbest invention in the history of mankind. My sister has one, because it’s “convenient”, I’m sure, it’s also terrifying to their dogs, and *in the way* of every other living creature in the house.nnI’ll get the photo in this post somewhere, but I have to let Snap.as propagate the the photo I just uploaded into my galleries, as there is a five minute “grace period” before I can share it (or, you know, a bug). I love Write.as and it’s products (R.w.a, D.w.a, S.a, etc.) but considering there’s 50 different “moving parts” to all these products/services which require a lot of maintenance, maybe Matt (Baer) should considering hiring some folks? I am not expert on running a business, but when there are 3, 4, 5+ digital products (all that are fairly large, or with the *potential* to become fairly large), having a couple employees that have the sole position to “smash bugs” wouldn’t be a bad idea. I DO understand there is a new ticket system in place (though I haven’t seen it/used it, yet), but having people there to *only* manage things WHEN they break (because it happens all the time with software (and hardware)) would be an good idea. Genuine and sincere advice here, not trying to start a damn flame riot with anyone or anything, haha.nnOK, here is the dumb Roomba annoying me while I try to have morning coffee…nn![](https://i.snap.as/j1LEleVN.jpg)

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