Waiting for a washer to get finished here in the laundromat. They are ALL taken at the moment :/ So here I sit. I have coffee ☕ getting cold in my apartment and I wish I could be drinking it right now. I don’t like to wait a whole lot, either. nnBut anyway this is another #laundry post for the books, I suppose. No clue how long I will be sitting here. I *would* just say “fxxx it” and walk to BP now, but I am filthy as hell and need some fresh/clean clothes before I do so, for sure. nnMeanwhile, I am hearing washers turn OFF (completing their cycle) and no one is hear to fetch their clothes (well there are a couple people here), as if Sunday isn’t the busiest laundry day of the week in a crowded apartment complex. nnBack later nn#laundry

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