I guess I have appts to make

I have to schedule with my Gastroenterologist, as I have to do an upper-endoscopy every three years for a past diagnosis of Barrett's Esophagus, to re-confirm that there is no Dysplasia. When I schedule with him, I am supposed to inquire about a lower-endoscopy (or colonoscopy, I suppose), because we are still tossing darts at the dartboard blindfolded as to what could be causing my lower abdominal pain. It hasn't gotten worse, but not better, either.

I will also schedule with the liver doc, which will be to confirm that my liver is more or less healthy again, and that the crisis has been averted in regards to getting Fatty Liver Disease, as I have changed my diet and started exercising over the years, and my liver numbers are in the normal/healthy range, again, and I also feel and look a hell of a lot better, too, so...good!

I also have a (fairly invasive) appt already scheduled with a procedural Urologist (I use the term "procedural", because it's not a typical "routine" Urologist - it's one that only does procedures), where catheters, cameras, and inter-bladder images are taken - all to confirm that the lower abdominal pain is NOT a bladder infection, and NOT Cystitis. So, that will be a fun waste of time.

There's also a chance I nix ALL of these appointments, and just get a new Primary doc (very likely) and see if he/she can actually pinpoint what the hell is going on with the abdominal issue. I already had a CT scan, and it showed that ALL of my organs were/are normal, and that the only "remarkable" thing there was the bladder that was either slightly inflammed or just thickened due to "incomplete distention" (aka, not totally drained of urine).

So before I start scheduling with the entire medical specialist community of the Greater St Louis Area, I will see about swapping out Primaries, and seeing IF I can do that, and IF I can, HOW I can do that with my pittance of medical coverage, because I am on MedicAid in the USA, which is more or less an informal E.R. card, which ensures that if I break a bone or something needing immediate care happens, I can get treatment and not have to take on $10K+ in debt for...you know...being human.

Anyway, I'll see about some doc, and dissertain what this one issue is. And then do everything I can to not fall, or get sick, or bump my head, or blink too fast - I'm on my own if I do.

back soon

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