…I will say what this thing is in a couple days, but I want to be sure of it. Not necessarily “life changing”, or “epic” news, but something fairly interesting, anyway.nnSo, more on this when Wednesday rolls around.nnFor Now, just some sodie, and gonna make some coffee in a tad bit here. I’m also broke and out of pipe tobacco, so I hope they manage to refill the prescription nicotine gum tomorrow (I ordered it this afternoon, along with other meds).nn**Spam calls/texts**nnDoes *everyone* get these 24/7 now? I seem to get around 50 (literally five zero) spam texts a day. And they all get caught by Android’s built-in spam blocker, but I still get notified that I received spam, so…why are they notifying me if it is, indeed, spam? Same for phone calls, too – spam, several times a day. Ridiculous.nnSo, that’s about it for now. nnBy the way, I heard a new phrase today that I hadn’t heard in a while called **conversational writing** about writing in the form of ongoing blog posts/journal entries/online diary/or whatever, as an ongoing “conversation”, but I say, just call it “natural writing”. The way people talk (on video, podcasts, television, and real life, too) is all roughly the same, in general. They say different *things*, put different *emphasis* on what is said, etc. – but, it’s just correspondence. No reinvention of the wheel is occurring by hammering out the written word, or speaking the written word, or singing the spoken word, or whatever the case.nnThat’s all

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