Not in an appearance sense, I have body confidence or what have you, I mean I feel “ugly” in the mental way. Just sort of “dirty” in the sense that my mind feels sort of polluted from all kinds of junkie (both in a junk food sense, *and* a “smackhead” sense) stuff going around.nnBe it [blogs with embeds that do not work](https://write.as/tmo/no-more-embeds-swats-wrist-stop-that) (the solution to which is to NOT embed shit in the first place – not troubleshoot until embeds do work), or everyone running their mouth about the divinity of TikTok (besides me, a handful of other people “set in their ways” online, or/and former social media junkies (I’ve met a gaggle of them online over the past couple years)), or people just generally trying to “reinvent the wheel” of just…communicating. It’s dumb. I mean, people either CAN or CAN’T communicate, they either DO or DON’T “interact” with whomever they choose to (or NOT to) interact with.nnBut, it’s fine (on the specific, nuanced, minutiae of whatever the hell is going on – it’s whatever. New way to “XYZ” – awesome. Sell off the house for that shit). But **I**, personally, have to hear about it. Like, I am not YOU, so, be original and put something “good” into the world, instead? nnI don’t know. It’s “ugly rambling” for me for now. I’ll stop whining, I suppose. nnback soon, and I’ll try to be more positive next time

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