So, I just walked in from Dollar Tree, as I needed a couple items to eat before I went crazy with "hangy-ness", lmao! Got mostly junk, because that is all that Dollar Tree sells, really. But it will get me through for a bit.

Very melt-y and wet outside everywhere today. But there is currently 7 inches of snow melting from the grassy areas, so what can I expect?

The soft rollout (or crash landing) of couldn't be more rough - nothing works, blogs break (tmo has been broken for months from what I and others can tell), comments don't go through, primary blogs can comment but not sub-blogs, you have to stand on one foot and tap your head while you rub your belly and count backwards - it's a nightmare.

It's kind of an "Alpha" rollout (I guess) but it certainly isn't poised that way, at all. But it is not worth my time to get frustrated with, because anyone can just e-mail ANYBODY ON THE INTERNET at any time without needing a proprietary comment section to revolutionize the future of hyper communication in the 21st Century. I'll use it (somtimes, I guess), and I'll write a blog post on tmo (sometimes, I guess), but I'm not as thrilled about the whole bit as I was. Promise and reality are two very different things, indeed.

If you need me, I will here on Ghost (and hunting for a better theme ;))

back soon