I just (foolishly) clicked on a YouTube video about student loan payments resuming, amongst half a dozen other bad things (economically) happening to Americans right now, and…yea…not much of a comment. Not because I am neutral, but because it is what it is: the media made an effort (a successful one!) to put “the best man (for them, the press) in charge” at the White House (Biden), and sang his high praises, gave him the center podium at debates and…yada yada yada. Most people see/know how all this shit works. Americans have menial say in *who* gets the nomination for either party (which the entire electoral college system is beyond foolish, anyway (another story for another day)).nnBut, again, it is what it is. It’s hard to think of a *word* for what this (American government) system *is*, though (as Democracy is far from the vocabulary). Plutocracy? Mediacracy? (that sounds like an accurate one!) Oligarchy? Powertocracy? (maybe that’s even *more* accurate!).nnSo, I said it wouldn’t be a political rant (though, it sort of became one), but I take solace in the fact that 2024 is just a few years away. I don’t know who will run, who I will end up voting for (don’t have a crystal ball), but I look forward to the next election, indeed.nnback later

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