For some reason, I thought of the band Jackyl just now, and I have no idea why. I put on “Down On Me” (a track from their first album, which I owned (tape and CD)) and the intro guitar immediately reminded me of Ugly Kid Joe “Everything About You”, so, off went Jackyl, and I turned on UKJ.nnBut at the beginning of “Everything About You”, there are some spoken lines from the character Pat from Saturday Night Live (early-90s). I honestly do not remember that part of the song, at all. I haven’t heard the damn track since 1991 or so, so I am not surprised it wasn’t fresh on my memory, but, WHY did they include that stupid crap?nnTalk about “not aging well”, at all. It also makes me wonder if this band is still together (doubtful).nnI am not going to look it up, though.nnNow, onto Ozzy Osbourne, because I have listened to enough obscure, odd, one-hit-wonder bands for the week.nnok, enough for thatnnback later

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